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blizzard Compress 85 ski socks, black/yellow

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Compress 85 ski socks, black/yellow

The COMPRESS 85 combines a unique type of knitwear on the edge of ski knee high socks and compression socks. It is a so-called all-elastic construction with a gradual change of pressure, which ensures perfect fit on the foot. Polyamide and polypropylene fibers provide rapid sweat drain from the skin. This product is designed for the most demanding amateurs and professional skiers.
Compression ensures:
1. Improving blood flow and supply of oxygen to muscles
2. Muscle support and reduction of unwanted vibrations
3. Protection against damage to muscle fibers
4. Faster regeneration
Functional zones:
FLEX CUFF –extendable hem
COMPRESSOR – high compression knitwear
SHIN DEFENSOR - reinforcement and terry in the shin
ACHILLES DEFENSOR - reinforcement and terry in the achilles
SOFTSOLE - thickening and terry with fine fibers on the sole
ANKLE DEFENSOR - reinforcement and terry in the ankle
TOE&HEEL SHIELDING – reinforcement of heel and toes
L/R TOE – anatomically left and right toes
L/R ANKLE– anatomical left/right ankle
Y HEEL - 3D anatomical heel
Polypropylene: Thanks to its high water repellency, strong thermal insulation and low weight, it is ideal for the production of functional sportswear. Provides rapid moisture transport and fast drying during sports activities.
Polyester: The fiber conducts moisture very well and dries quickly. Thanks to its softness, it gives the products a pleasant and soft feel and therefore it is used in products that will be in contact with the skin for a longer period of time.
Polyamide: It is a fine and durable microfibre which strengthens the structure of the whole knitwear, ensures its long-lasting durability while retaining a pleasant feel

Technical Specifications

Elastane 43% Polypropylene 36% Polyamide 14% Merino 7%
black / yellow
range of sizes
· 35-38 43-46
order number