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Blizzard is a worldwide manufacturer of skis and ski equipment

Blizzard - Winners skis

Blizzard Ski was founded in Austria in 1953 and is one of the giants in the manufacture of skis and ski equipment. It is a leader in research and development, in the manufacture of Blizzard skis are used high-tech materials - Kevlar, carbon and more. In 2006, Blizzard introduced a revolutionary IQ system that combines skis and bindings in one piece. Blizzard Ski offers not only top skis for professionals and sports and recreational skiers, but also a wide range of ski equipment and clothing.

Best selling products

Signal ski helmet junior, yellow


SIGNAL ski helmet
Recommended price 999 EUR

Magnum ski helmet junior, yellow cheese shiny


MAGNUM ski helmet
Recommended price 1.099 EUR

Trekking shock

trekking sticks

TrekKing shock
Recommended price 699 EUR

Demon ski helmet, black matt


DEMON ski helmet
Recommended price 1.499 EUR

Reflex, black/green

ski gloves

Reflex ski gloves, black/green
Recommended price 799 EUR

Dragon cap, black/green


Dragon cap, black/green
Recommended price 399 EUR

Function Balaclava, black


Function Balaclava, black
Recommended price 199 EUR

Compress 85 ski socks, black/yellow


Compress 85 ski socks, black/yellow
Recommended price 349 EUR